SUNNY (2016) 60’
Emanuel Gat / Awir Leon

World premiere on the 17th of June 2016 at the Venice Biennale
5th, 26th of June 2016 at Festival Montpellier Danse
12th, 13th of August 2016 at Tanz Im August, Berlin


Emanuel Gat together with Awir Leon, producer, musician and performer, created SUNNY as a multi-layered event, juxtaposing a live musical concert with a vibrant choreographic exploration. An explosion of ideas, SUNNY is a flowing free-form merging new sounds with an in-depth questioning about contemporary choreographic possibilities.

“SUNNY by Emanuel Gat is a blast of pleasures. Gat is one of the rare artists of the moment who puts forwarda notion or research. His writing is a continuous flux of of new sensations. Together with Awir Leon on stage, SUNNY offers some of the most beautiful sequences of the season. The richness of composition, the intelligenceof changing moods and colors, renders SUNNY a choreographic miracle.”

Philippe Noisette - Les Échos




With a blast of appropriately intense white sunlight, the week began with Sunny, a meditation on time passing and the myriad possibilities of human interaction. In contrast to last week’s wonderfully hypnotic Greek Elvedon, this show shifted gear and deftly focused on a freeform day teeming with exuberant live music and movement, with energy and optimism.

Seona Mac Reamoinn - The Irish Times


"Emanuel Gat delivers a master piece, SUNNY, echoing Marvin Gaye's song around which Awir Leon builds in live the musical unfolding of the piece. Gat stayes loyal to his way. Beyond the dance itself ,which evolves freely to the point of virtuosity, its a piece tainted by the relations created between the dancers. Stretches of silence, costumes, games, piercing looks and bursts of laughter create a world overflowing with youth and cheerfulness."

Ariane Bevalier - Le FIgaro

“Rarely, have felt to that degree, sound being danced on a stage, vibrantly alive, mirror like fragmented, echoingGat’s choreographic mark. Gat has reached such a level of serene mastery of his craftsmanship, that everythingseems like a playful fantasy, gemlike, fueled by a sense of freedom creating a virtuous time-line.”

Gerard Mayen -

“Awir Leon’s electronic music, knows, like the dance, to split into endless variations, that starting of from a song,arrive at a singular composition grasping the attention and allowing the appearance of a sensitive world.”

Agnes Izrine - DANSER canal historique



Gat’s dance is joyful, fluid and filled with vitality and sharing. Detaching themselves from the white floor, contemplating their shadows, these women in white bathing suits and men in sports, tryout every possible combination. A metaphor for human relations at their best.

Emmanuelle Bouchez - Télérama



Choreography & lights: Emanuel Gat
Music created and performed live by Awir Leon
Costumes created in collaboration with the dancers

Dancers: Thomas Bradley, Annie Hanauer, Peter Juhasz, Pansun Kim, Michael Lohr, Emma Mouton, Genevieve Osborne, Milena Twiehaus, Sara Wilhelmsson and Ashley Wright.

Production: Emanuel Gat Dance
Co-production: Festival Montpellier Danse 2016, Grand Théâtre de Provence, Théatre de la Ville, Paris, Cité de la Musique - Philharmonie de Paris, Scène Nationale d’Albi.
Collaboration to the production: La Biennale di Venezia, 10. Festival Internazionale di Danza Contemporanea.

With the support of Conseil Général des Bouches du Rhône, Fondation BNP Paribas, created in l’Agora, cité internationale de la danse in Montpellier and Maison de la Danse of Istres.
The company acknowledges the support of Ville d'Istres and the French Ministry of Culture DRAC Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur.