Caelyn & Raul

Rehearsals on Caelyn & Raul, one of four duets in TENWORKS, started in Paris at Le CENTQUATRE during Emanuel Gat Dance's week long performances of SACRE/GOLD.  

After working with Emanuel Gat on SUNSHINE a piece for ten dancers, a piece created for the ballet de Lyon in 2014, the two dancers revisit the work from a personal angle. Deconstructing it to its basic elements, clarifying their voice with it, and reorgenzing the choreographic info into a new work. A microscopic look at the dancers’ on stage relations, the impact they have on each other, and the ways in which they collaborate in order to attain clarity.

Music: J.S Bach, Toccata in G Major BWV 916. Piano: Nina Gat
Dancers: Caelyn Knight, Raul Serrano Núñez