COUZ I and II, are two un-identical twin pieces, created under the same set of choreographic tools and procedures, with two different groups of ten dancers from both companies. The works are an experiment with real time choreography, and with the elaboration of mechanics relating to choreography as an event being assembled in real time. The dancers are ‘driving’ the piece and recreating it each time anew, examining the role of the performer as an onstage, live creator.

Music: Joachim “JKid” Souhab
Dancers: Jacqueline Bâby, Kristina Bentz, Edi Blloshmi, Adrien Delépine, Tyler Galster, Caelyn Knight, Graziella Lorriaux, Marco Merenda, Leoannis Pupo-Guillen, Raul Serrano Núñez.