WORKS is a program celebrating dancers. Their uniqueness, virtuosity, engagement, fearlessness, sense of responsibility and humanity. A group of 20 dancers, ten from le Ballet de Lyon and ten from Emanuel Gat Dance, share the stage in a série of ten short works in various constallations, formats, musical environments and choreographic directions. The notion of a new redistribution of artistic responsibilities and resources, is at the heart of all ten new works and the program as a whole.

WORKS is in many ways a reaction to the changing times, and to the constant evolution of the manner in which dance, and art in general, is being produced. It is an attempt to explore new models of artistic production, to question old boundaries and hierarchies, and explore models of inclusiveness and support, as opposed to those of exclusiveness and competition. It questions the current status of dancers, their position in relations to the institutions they work with, their role as autonomous choreographic thinkers and makers, and proposes a new way of reorganising the dancer/choreographer/institution relationships.

Music: J.S. Bach, Emanuel Gat, Awir Léon, Yann Robin, Joachim "JKid" Souhab, John Stevens.
Live Musicians: Alain Billard interprets Art Of Metal II by Yann Robin, for clarinet metal double bass and live electronics. Nina Gat interprets Toccata in G Major BWV 916 by J.S Bach, for piano. Yves Lair, Joris Planta, Nicolas Salmon and Sylvain Thillou interpret Moon-Dance by John Stevens, for tubas.

Created in collaboration with and performed by: Jacqueline Bâby, Kristina Bentz, Edi Blloshmi, Thomas Bradley, Robert Bridger, Adrien Delépine, Tyler Galster, Péter Juhász, Pansun Kim, Caelyn Knight, Michael Löhr, Graziella Lorriaux, Marco Merenda, Eddie Oroyan, Genevieve Osborne, Leoannis Pupo-Guillen, Raul Serrano Núñez, Karolina Szymura, Milena Twiehaus, Sara Wilhelmsson.

Technical director and régie lights: Guillaume Février
Régie sound: Virginie Lefèbvre





'Comme on dit chez nous, si il pleut, c’est qu’il va pleuvoir’ (10’)
Milena & Michael (12’)
COUZ II (11’)
Sara & Sunny (9')
Sextette (9')


COUZ I (10')
Caelyn & Raul (10)
Zoe, Gunnie, Jules, Bruno and Genevieve (13’)
Genevieve & Karolina (7’)
COUZines (5')



Production Opéra de Lyon: Couz II / Sextette / Caelyn & Raul.
Production Emanuel Gat Dance: 'Comme on dit chez nous, si il pleut, c’est qu’il va pleuvoir’ / Milena & Michael / Sara & Sunny / Couz I
/ Zoë, Gunnie, Jules, Bruno and Genevieve / Genevieve & Karolina / COUZines.
Coproduction: Festival Montpellier Danse 2017 / Coproduction 'Milena & Michael' : Maison de la Danse de Lyon.

For 'Genevieve & Karolina', thanks to the Opéra Orchestre National Montpellier Occitanie Pyrénées-Méditerranée, Valérie Chevalier (directrice générale), Michael Schønwandt (chef principal) and Jeremy Lair for his coordination.

With the help of Conseil Départemental des Bouches du Rhône and the DRAC PACA: Conseil Régional Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur. The company Emanuel Gat Dance acknowledges the suport of the city of Istres, of the French Ministry of Culture, DRAC PACA and of the BNP Paribas Fondation. Created at the Agora - cité internationale de la danse and Maison de la Danse d’Istres. 

Lyon Opera: Serge Dorny, General Director. Lyon Opera Ballet: Yorgos Loukos, Artistic Director. The Lyon National Opera is registered by the Ministry of Culture and Communication, the City of Lyon, the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Regional Council and the Greater Lyon Metropolitan Area.

© All photos by Julia Gat