YOOO!!! (2019)

Emanuel Gat Dance YOOO!!!! © Julia Gat.jpg

World Premiere on March 13th, 2019 at Chaillot - Théâtre National de la Danse, Paris
Emanuel Gat - Associated Artist


“Emanuel Gat has launched himself in the trend… that of a show for all ages. He is looking to bring together dancers of different urban styles and music to give a rhythm. An ode to movement to be shared as a family.”

Chaillot - Théâtre National de la Danse, Paris

Like Christian Rizzo, José Montalvo or Carolyn Carlson – to name but a few creations for young public in Chaillot – Emanuel Gat is taking the plunge in his own way. This choreography that could be presented in a theatre room, a gymnasium or a school is based on street dances in a variety of styles and virtuosities, a bit like his Windungen adventure at the Suresnes Cités Danse festival, where 5 hip hop dancers were brought together on a score by Iannis Xenakis. For Emanuel Gat, music is essential and he places it with movement. Thanks to a video projection, mu:sic will participate in cloaking the bodies with percussions, bass and electronic waves. Emanuel Gat is constantly exploring new territories and drawing landscapes with his dance. By imagining a piece for all ages, he is uncovering his horizon just a little bit more, taking the bet of seducing beyond ages.


Choreography: Emanuel Gat
Music: Michael Gat
Video: Julia Gat
Assistants to the choreography: Aurore Di Bianco, Fabrice Tarau

Created in collaboration with and interpreted by: Femi Akanho, Hassani ‘Jikay’ Antuf, Timothé ‘ Timson’ Chams Yadollahi, Megan Deprez, Maëva ‘Pocah’ Deyrolles.