YOOO!!! (2019)

World Premiere at Chaillot - Théâtre national de la Danse, Paris (FR), March 13th-23rd, 2019

Associate artist, Emanuel Gat has launched himself in the trend… that of a show for all ages. He is looking to bring together dancers of different urban styles and music to give a rhythm. An ode to movement to be shared as a family.

[VIDEO] — Excerpts from the piece YOOO!!!



Emanuel Gat Dance will hold a five days summer intensive in Rome (IT), aimed for professional dancers.

The summer intensive will be led by company dancers Michael Loehr and Sara Wilhelmsson, alongside Emanuel Gat who will be present and working directly with the participants throughout the course. The course will introduce the dancers to the teachings and methodology developed during the past 25 years, proposing an insight to the unique philosophy and process of Emanuel Gat. An opportunity to dive into intense dance making, the exploration of new ways to approach choreography and dance, and an intimate encounter with the creative world of Emanuel Gat.

Application deadline: 18th April, 2019


DUO (2019)

Short film produced by Les Films Jack Fébus
& shot at the Jardin du Palais-Royal, Paris

In the prestigious and historically charged setting of the Palais-Royal in Paris, Emanuel Gat moves you into its garden to explore the notion of duet through contemporary dance and dialogue.

This singular choreographic composition evokes two dancers with bodies painted by Yifat Gat in a virtuoso face-to-face magnified by the historical setting of the Palais-Royal.


Story Water (2018)

Premiere at Festival d'Avignon (FR), 19 July 2018
Story Water is an intermediary. It is warm water, it is bread. It is a garden. It is the story of dancing bodies, of music being played, of color and line, and of the light that hides and shows it all. The program brings together two unique artistic troupes, The Ensemble Modern from Frankfurt and Emanuel Gat Dance. Both shares a distinct vision regarding contemporary artistic creation. It is the fruit of a dialog between artists, makers and performers who despite working in different languages and domains, share an artistic philosophy regarding the development of inclusive, more horizontal creative environments. Story Water is built around the notion of treating music and choreography as two distinctly separate entities, engaging in a real time, onstage dialog, rather than a mutual illustration.

Some images from the making of Story Water during Festival d'Avignon on ARTE Metropolis. Click here to see the video


WORKS (2017)

Premiered at Festival Montpellier Danse 2017
WORKS is a program celebrating dancers. Their uniqueness, virtuosity, engagement, fearlessness, sense of responsibility and humanity. A group of 10 dancers share the stage in a series of six short works in various constellations, formats, musical environments and choreographic directions. The notion of a new redistribution of artistic responsibilities and resources is at the heart of all six new works and the program as a whole.