- What's the work about? 

- Well, it's mostly about how it's made and performed. 

- Yes, yes, but what is it ABOUT? Like, what's the subject or theme? 

- Hmmm, just what I said before, how it's made, and how it's being performed each time.  

- I see. So there's no theme. Like, it's abstract?

- No no no no no. Not at all. People, mechanisms, systems, that's all very concrete.  

- Yes, but it doesn't speak about any specific theme, right? It's like open to be interpreted.

- Yes and no. It's open to different readings, but it's because when looking at how things are made, you're actually touching all the existing themes and subjects. So it does speak in a very direct way about many things, but it's up to the viewer to decide which he wants to think about.  

- Hmmm, never got this abstract dance thingy really.