The way in which we listen to music today has radicaly changed. It has become very much detached from the live aspects of music playing. The fact we can listen to any musical piece in amazing sound quality within the intimacy of our headset, wether we're in an airplan traveling 12000 feet above ground, walking through a crowded street, or at the privecy of our toilets as we are going about our business, changes deeply the options open to us when working with music. The ‘pause', 'fast forward/backwards’, ’shuffle’ and all the rest of the control buttons on any musical app, are the biggest musical revolution of our era.
The guardians of tradition will always be there of course to remind us we are commiting sacrilege anytime we ‘use’ and manipulate the treasures and ways of the past within this new context, but this is the normal reaction to any form of innovation.
And also, there is no way in which what’s playing in your headphones while walking in the street or looking at the ocean, doesn’t match perfectly whatever movements you’re seeing.