The more I look at it, the more I think choreographic innovation can only come from playing with the forms, structures, creative processes, choreographic strategies, presentation means etc, never really from the content. In that sense, work that is solely based on making direct political/social comments (with rare exeptions), is always bound to be reactionary, old, familiar, tied to the acceptable artistic norms of its field at the time, and inherently un-innovative. It's a type of propaganda to what is fashionbly right and just to express at a certain time and cultural circle.

Critical, subversive, boundaries challenging work that offers resonance and existential value, contrary to what is commonly argued, usually plays around with how things are made and assembled, rather than with the 'things' themselves. I feel that ultimately, the way in which we make work, is the key factor in moving the art form forward and making it evolve. 

A following thought on this, would be to say that content, naturally resides in, and emerges from well structured systems.