When the work one creates isn’t about himself, it opens the way to see how the dancers, as the immediate and most intimate manifestations of a dance piece, must be given the conditions and context that will allow their talent and individual qualities to come into being.
They in their turn, will also have to understand that "its not about them".  A full cycle of realizing the independence of the choreographic process and substance, from its makers. (Agnes Martin once wrote. "The enormous pitfall is devotion to oneself instead of to life. All works that are self-devoted are absolutely ineffective.”)

But even if this second aspect is harder to achieve, i'm constantly looking for ways of maximizing their ability for creativity and clarity. To a large extent, this is attained through creating a subtle balance between making them aware of the choreographic mechanism and the way it functions, and at times, putting them through processes in which they are unable to fully grasp the forces that determines the flow of events/actions/situations.