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"Satisfying Musical Moments" - Sydney Dance Company (2010)

The fourteen exceptional dancers of Sydney Dance Company were the driving force behind the creative process of Satisfying Musical Moments. All along the rehearsals, it was their creativity that generated this inspiring choreographic journey.

Satisfying Musical Moments is an invitation to join this remarkable group of individuals, as they dive into intricate choreographic structures and intimate moments of human drama.

Emanuel Gat

Rafael Bonachela describes guest choreographer Emanuel Gat as “a master of purity, creating works imbued with incredible musicality. He is one of the most exciting choreographers in the world today.” His commission for New Creations 2 in 2010 was the first time his work was seen in Sydney.

Rafael Bonachela believes that Emanuel Gat’s movement style is “an exciting and potent formula” when combined with the notable strengths of the Sydney Dance Company dancers.

Satisfying Musical Moments is, in many ways, a journey into the alchemy of form and substance. The work is an invitation to join this remarkable group of individuals, as they dive into intricate choreography and intimate moments. The piece explores the capacity of dance to lead both makers and audiences, towards fresh and surprising insights. The elaborated choreographic mechanism is manifested through dynamic structures, creating an architectural environment for the human drama unfolding on stage. Satisfying Musical Moments, works its way from the intimacy of the single dancer, to overwhelming tableaux of massive compositions. It offers a complex yet simple and honest way of tackling the most relevant questions regarding art-making and life.

Choreography, Music & Lights: Emanuel Gat
Choreographic Assistant: Amy Hollingsworth
Additional Music: Franz Schubert – Des Tages Weihe D 763
Costume Coordination: Claire Rassmussen
Sound Design: Adam Iuston
Cast: Natalie Allen, Emily Amisano, Juliette Barton, Lachlan Bell, Adam Blanch, Richard Cilli, Janessa Dufty, Kynan Hughes, Fiona Jopp, Bernhard Knauer, Annabel Knight, Alana Sargent, Chen Wen, Charmene Yap

Gat’s piece is like watching a science experiment where the dancers are atoms that bounce off each other, are attracted, repelled, form bonds or rest on the edges, always watching one another intently.

Daily Telegraph