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"TRANSPOSITION #1 & 2" - Ballet de Lorraine (2013)

Choreography : Emanuel Gat
Assistants : Hervé Chaussard & Michael Lohr
Music : Frédéric Duru
Light : Olivier Bauer
Rehearsal director : Isabelle Bourgeais and Valérie Ferrando

Transposition #1


Transposition #2


Transposition #1 and Transposition #2 may be performed as a full evening or they may be performed separately within a mixed program.


What is a “tête à tête” with oneself? What happens when this “face to face” is manifested in an artistic movement process, and the intimacy of one's own artistic discourse is made public? We have commissioned internationally renowned choreographer Emanuel Gat to do just this. To create two pieces which express and communicate two different qualities of his work - a conscientious observation of the diversity within his exploration of movement.

The musical term transposition refers to the process, or operation, of moving a collection of notes up or down in pitch by a constant interval, while maintaining the same tonal and rhythmical structures.

A free take on that creative procedure. These creations for the CCN - Ballet de Lorraine, offer two distinct observations on human nature through this process of transposition. Both pieces are playful experimentations with shifting ideas and contents from their original environment into new choreographic modes. The alterations which certain data and systems undergo as a result of that transposition, becomes a way of enhancing visibility while looking into questions relating to people and society.


Photos © Arno Paul