Milena & Michael

Milena & Michael is the only piece out of the ten new works comprising the program TENWORKS, which was premiered separately before the rest of the program. The 18' piece was created during a five days residency at the Maison de la Danse de Lyon, to an original soundtrack by Emanuel and premiered on the 15th of February in Lyon. 

Long term collaborators of Emanuel Gat, Milena and Michael share years of a joint artistic collaboration, as well as an intimate knowledge of Gat's creative process. 
A dance reduced to its most fundamental elements, "Milena & Michael" is a reflection on the act of dancing, and at the same time a simple story of two people looking to connect. 
The work is a sort of zoom-in on the voids between movements, choreographic fragments, sounds and the two dancers.

Music: Emanuel Gat
Dancers: Michael Löehr, Milena Twiehaus