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SACRE/GOLD @ Trafo, Budapest (HUN)


Fluid, inner logic, delicate beauty.

Kill two birds with one stone, as one of the greatest choreographers of our time presents updated versions of two of his major pieces.
Revisiting ‘The Rite of Spring’, a major piece of the Gat-repertoire (created in 2004), ‘SACRE’ whips audiences into a fever through its incendiary juxtaposition of Stravinsky and Cuban salsa. Through a combination of elegance and bursts of feverish movement, the piece renews ‘The Rite of Spring’ in all the splendor of its modernity. ‘SACRE’ received a Bessy award in 2006 for its performances at the Lincoln Center Festival in New York.


‘GOLD’ is an adaptation of 2013’s ‘The Goldlandbergs’, a piece based on two major works by Glenn Gould: his legendary interpretations of Bach's ‘Goldberg Variations’, and ‘The Quiet in the Land’, a poetic radio documentary. ‘GOLD’ reflects the intense resonance between music and dance, and explores the nature of deeply human relationships.