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Summer Intensive @ The Dance Industry, Rome
to Aug 5

Summer Intensive @ The Dance Industry, Rome

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Emanuel Gat Dance will hold a five days summer intensive in Rome, aimed for both professional dancers as well as dance students and young dancers making their first steps as professional dance artists. The course will introduce the dancers to the teachings and methodology developed during the past 25 years, proposing an insight to the unique philosophy and process of Emanuel Gat. 

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to Dec 23

EG Workshop @ Nuova Officina della Danza

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DECEMBER 18 - 22

Schedule h: 14,00/17,00

will teach a new piece and it will be performed in a public sharing with the dancers of the trimester ICD/NOD with a final Sharing on the stag

Workshop included into NOD International Contemporary dance Program  


€ 315,00 registration included


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to Dec 10

WORKS [Excerpts] @ Ballet Junior de Genève

  • ADC - Salle des Eaux-Vives (map)
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1 Comme on dit2.jpg

WORKS [Excerpts]
Chorégraphy: Emanuel Gat
Assistant: Thomas Bradley
Music: Yann Robin

The Ballet Junior de Genève invited for the first time Emanuel Gat who offered a piece based on two existing pieces:

« Comme on dit chez nous, si il pleut, c’est qu’il va pleuvoir »

Large groups are different than small ones. Creating a system which manages smoothly and clearly 20 dancers, calls for different adjustments and specific adaptations from those for smaller groups. The shift in scales, complexity and the density of the information to be structured, reveals the inner logics and mechanics of human groups. Choreography as an experiment in social studies, decision making, collaborative strategies, a question of efficiency, equality and the distribution of resources. The work is built around the 'cause and effect’ relations between responsibility and freedom.


COUZ I and II, are two un-identical twin pieces, created under the same set of choreographic tools and procedures, with two different groups of ten dancers from both companies. The works are an experiment with real-time choreography, and with the elaboration of mechanics relating to choreography as an event being assembled in real time. The dancers are ‘driving’ the piece and recreating it each time anew, examining the role of the performer as an onstage, live creator.

All the dancers are part of the dance-performer course at Ecole de Danse de Genève and form two distinct groups: first years, then second and third years.

Dancers: Steven Bruneau, Hugo Chanel, Clément Fleuriel, Julie Franken, Valentin Goniot, Priya Lanfranchi, Vianney Maignan, Emilie Meeus, Andrea Muelas Blanco, Lena Obluska, Colyne Saulières, Florian Schlessmann, Clara Serafini, Alice Sundara, Mateus Tesson, Mattéo Trutat, Solène Wagen, Antoine Weil, Viktor Araujo Mendes, Mathieu Aribot, Adriana Berwert, Naomi Charlot, Laura Cornejo, Noémie de Almeida, Adriano de Lima, Maya Feldman, Michal Geyer, Nathan Gombert, Alexandre Goyer, Olivia Hansen, Lisa Laurent, Charles Heinrich, Anastasia Pattelaki, Thomas Queyrens, Philippe Renard, Sofia Sangregorio, Océane Sasizza, Daniel Vängelin, Esther Bachs Vinuela, Juliette Jean, Adam Said Tahir, Rafaël Sauzet.

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5:00 PM17:00

Présentation Publique Coline / Emanuel Gat


A piece by Emanuel Gat
For the dancers of formation Coline
Friday 10 November 2017
Maison de la Danse d'Istres - Studio 1

The presentation will be followed by a discussion with Emanuel Gat and the dancers.

Emanuel Gat holds a workshop from 6 to 10 November 2017 with the group of dancers of formation Coline, sharing an intimate process of creation with the presentation of a workshop piece. An occasion to concentrate on the choreographic experimentation separately from the usual production pressures of a piece and to share the process of creation with the public.

45 minutes
Free entrance, reservation at /

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to Sep 24

EG Workshop @ Nuova officina della Danza

EG Portrait MFT by T. amerphool.jpg


September 22 - 24


September 22 - 

h: 14,30 - 15,15 Individual warm up 

h: 15,30 - 18,30 Emanuel Gat creation process

September 23 - 24 

h: 10,00 - 10, 45Individual Warm up

h: 11,00 - 14,00 Emanuel Gat creation process


Lavanderia a Vapore  Corso Pastrengo 51 - Collegno

Deadline by August 22


€ 170,00 Registration Included

monthly rate € 500,00 + registration € 50,00

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12:00 PM12:00

Master Class @ Dublin Dance Festival

Emanuel Gat will lead a choreographic workshop for dancers, allowing them an insight into his creative process and an opportunity to explore new choreographic strategies. Participants will experiment with co-dependence and interrelation, as well as systems of choreographic construction. Suitable for dancers and dance students. 

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Choreographic Workshop @ Vancouver
10:00 AM10:00

Choreographic Workshop @ Vancouver

Each season, Ballet BC offers workshops to our local dance community – focusing on training and development opportunities for the professional dance artist. Hosted by international artists from across Canada and the world, these choreographic workshops explore diverse perspectives and approaches to the creative process, such as learning repertoire and training for contemporary dance.

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Masterclass @ Henny Juries Foundation, Amsterdam
10:30 AM10:30

Masterclass @ Henny Juries Foundation, Amsterdam

The Henny Jurriëns Foundation (HJS) was established in 1995 in order to provide open training for professional-level dancers. The namesake of the foundation, the late Henny Jurriëns, was one of The Netherlands best known and loved dancers.

The Foundation offers both classical ballet and modern dance classes throughout the year, as well as periodic workshops concentrating on specific styles of dance or dance-related bodywork. HJS is not a school or an academy, nor is it associated with a specific company.
HJS plays a central role in the freelance professional dance community in Amsterdam and strives to serve it by providing a regular program of classes which stimulate, challenge and maintain the technical level of the dancers. The studio serves also as a networking and information center where audition, performance, workshop and housing notices are posted regularly.

Pre-registration is required for all workshops and a selection is made on the basis of the participants CV's. Workshops are held at various locations. Please see the workshops section of the website for specific information and locations.

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Workshop @ NOD Turin
to Mar 5

Workshop @ NOD Turin

International Contemporary Dance Program I.C.P. - 2016

Click here If you are interested in selection for International Contemporary Dance Program

The program divided in 3 trimesters: 1st trimester (September 12th - December 21st), 2nd trimester (January 7th - March 31st), third trimester ( April - June)

Classes will be held generally in the morning from 10:00/11:00 - 14:30 /15:00.  In some cases classes will continue up to 17.00.

The ICD Program provides teachers from major European and international companies,  exploring the most important, current contemporary repertoires like,  Batsheva dance Company, Sharon Eyal, Hofesh Shechter, Crystal Pite, Barak Marshall, Imbal Pinto & Avshalom Pollack, Idan Sharabi.

Gaga classes are conducted by licensed teachers among the Batsheva dancers.

Students will explore different movements in intensive sessions with the best freelance dancers and choreographers from the international scene: Dor Mamalia, Tom Weimberger,  Andrea Costanzo Martini, Doron Raz, Erez Zohar, Yaniv Abraham, Spenser Theberge, Erion Kruja, Keren Rosemberg, Doug Letheren, Nicoletta Cabassi etc.

The InternationalContemporary Dance Programis open to dancestudents aged 18 and up, with a strong contemporary and ballettechnique. 

ICD Program is not andance academy, the program is directed to professional dancers, teachers, selected dance academies with students that are in their final year that need to fullfill an internship for 3 months and dancers that are highly motivated and interested in the NOD program.

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to Mar 3

DisAbility on Stage @ ZHDK Zurich

Emanuel gave a two-week stage laboratory in February 2017, as one of two model collaborations in the context of the research project DisAbility on Stage (2015-2018), funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation, at the Institute for the Performing Arts and Film of the Zurich University of the Arts, whose aim is to create a discussion about disability at art schools and universities in Switzerland to further develop the research results in practice.

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